Time: Thursday 25th of May, 2023, from 14:00 to 15:00 (Finnish Time)
Venue: Webinar (TEAMS)
Registration: The webinar is free of charge but needs registration at latest on the 23rd of May 2023.

Algeria offers many business possibilities for Finnish companies in circular economy, renewable energy, water management, forestry management, cybersecurity, and new technologies as well as in many traditional industrial sectors and the construction field.

Algeria is the biggest economy in the Maghreb Region of North Africa. It is the world’s 17th biggest oil producer and exporter. It has the world´s 10th biggest known natural gas reserves as well as large reserves of different minerals such as iron, phosphates, gold, zinc, which have not yet been exploited. Algeria has practically no foreign debt and the country´s foreign exchange reserves are currently 53 billion USD.

Newcomers might face some challenges in the developing Algerian market. There are, however, many business opportunities to be found. Finnish and other Nordic companies have equal chances to succeed in Algeria and receive EU finance to develop their projects as the companies of the Mediterranean countries. Algeria has trade agreements with the EU allowing much more beneficial trading conditions than for instance agreements signed by the EU and the Asian countries.

The Algerian Public Procurement Procedure and recipes on how to be successful in tenders in Algeria will be presented at the webinar.


Opening of the Webinar
Mr. Jukka Sihvo, Chairman of the Finnish-Algerian Business Council and Managing Director of Finalgo Partners Oy and moderator of the event

Welcoming words 
Mr. Ville Vuorensola, Secretary General, Finnish-Arab Business Association of the Finland Chamber of Commerce

14.10 – The Algerian Gvt Public Procurement Procedure:
– Madame Wassila MOUZAI, Commissaire aux comptes 

Some Recipes and experiences in participating to Algerian tenders
Mr. Jukka Sihvo, Managing Director, Finalgo Partners Oy


End of the event