The Finland – Republic of Korea Business Association (FKBA) was founded in 1986 to promote trade, investment and economic cooperation between Finland and the Republic of Korea.

The FKBA provides its members a forum for discussion, lectures and information serving the development of the economic ties between the two countries. Events organized by the FKBA offer its members information on Korean business culture, and opportunities for networking and peer support.

Membership of the FKBA is open to individuals and organizations interested in building business relations between Finland and the Republic of Korea. Current members, in total some 40 companies or organizations, come from the fields of manufacturing, banking and finance, consulting, logistics, import/export and distribution.

Annual membership fee is 200 € for corporate membership and 50 € for individual membership. New members have a possibility join for 2 years for 350 €.

The FKBA is a registered association and an independent Finnish organization. The FKBA cooperates with other Team Finland actors as well as industry associations in preparation of delegation visits and business seminars.

In order to support the research of the economic relations and business opportunities existing between the the two countries the FKBA grants scholarships to students carrying out studies in this field.

For more information please contact:

Secretary General
Mr. Ville Vuorensola
Email: ville.vuorensola ( a )
Phone: +358 50 464 5006

Finland-Republic of Korea Business Association
c/o Finland Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 1000
00101 Helsinki

Business ID: 2311953-0