Key economic players and Tunisian personalities have partnered to found Tunisia-Africa Business Council (TABC), a Non-Governmental Organization, which aims to put Africa at the heart of the concerns of the Tunisian Government and of the economic operators and make major efforts towards the Africanization of our continent, thanks to a structured capitalization of knowledge, know-how and skills.

Our vision: Be the key player for enhanced South-South cooperation promoting sustainable development and shared prosperity for the African population.

TABC dispos of an Advisory Board composed of Tunisian influential personalities in Africa. Its role is to gain the support of the authorities and governments of the region, as well as to define the strategic directions of the TABC. A scientific committee of researchers and experts, is responsible for the publication of memorandum on trade, investment and entrepreneurship in Africa. An executive committee bringing together the founding members and the elected members of the General Assembly, is the governing body which ensures the definition of TABC program and action plans and their execution.

Our mission is to

  • Increase the visibility of Tunisia in Africa and propose public policies on access to the African market. Analyze the obstacles and identify solutions to facilitate trade and investment in Africa, especially for Tunisian companies.
  • Get into African business networks and mobilize Tunisian entrepreneurs willing to invest and locate in Africa Provide decision-makers with opportunities to promote intra-African trade and provide information on opportunities in Africa.
  • Encourage African investment and connect entrepreneurs and potential investors around structuring and innovative projects capable of having a sustainable impact on African economies.
  • Encourage the emergence of an African societal model.
  • Bring together local and Diaspora skills for technical assistance, technology transfer.
  • Support the implementation of innovative projects in Africa.
  • Support the implementation of government policies to improve trade between Tunisia and African countries, by implementing more flexible regulations, reforms and a favorable business climate.
  • Conduct studies and organize forums to improve Tunisia’s visibility in certain markets and niches.

The purpos of TABC IS TO Establish relations with representatives of African countries. Co-host African delegations and leading personalities Develop a network of specialists and influential businesswomen in Africa Develop programs with institutions aimed at strengthening the African anchoring of African economies.

  • Support Tunisian and African investors in Africa in in their search for economic news, tenders in African countries.
  • Organize promotion missions and forums on the role of Tunisia in Africa.
  • Participate on fairs and BtoB Provide access to a platform and a database of companies and CEOs in Africa Seize investment opportunities and promote consortium work of Tunisian companies to conquer large markets in Africa
  • Involvement of the Tunisian diaspora in Africa to develop trade with Tunisia Establishment of relays in African countries through the implementation of TABC or through the active involvement of local partners.
  • Develop tripartite strategy to attrict FDI to Tunisia & Africa.

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