The global energy landscape is undergoing a seismic shift towards sustainable solutions, and Colombia is positioning itself as a prime destination for investments in clean energy, seamlessly intertwining this endeavor with its aspirations in the digital economy. The country’s proactive measures towards adopting renewable energy are not only environmentally responsible but also economically promising, making it an attractive choice for investors seeking impactful opportunities that align with global sustainability goals.

Solar energy stands out as one of the most promising and cost-effective sources of sustainable power, simultaneously addressing the challenges posed by climate change. Colombia has taken significant strides to foster the adoption of solar energy within its borders. As a result, investing in solar energy in Colombia has become a strategic initiative that bolsters business profitability and competitiveness while contributing to the nation’s goal of a just energy transition.

In the first year of President Gustavo Petro’s administration, 15 environmental licenses were granted for clean energy projects, reaffirming the commitment to energy transition. While Colombia boasts a relatively clean energy mix, with approximately 66% sourced from hydropower and 24% from gas thermal, the country has the potential to incorporate nearly 4,000 MW of capacity from unconventional sources like solar and wind projects over the next two years.

The renewable energy sector is a cornerstone of the National Government’s Industrialization Policy and a pivotal point in the National Development Plan 2022-2026.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Energy Transition Index, Colombia is the third economy in the Americas with enough capacity to supply energy in a self-sustainable, high-quality, accessible, and environmentally sustainable way. It’s also the fourth-most attractive emerging market for renewable energy investment, according to Climatescope, BNEF, 2022.

In addition, the National Government displays a strong commitment, and the new Just Energy Transition policy will accelerate the integration of renewable energies and guarantee the availability of infrastructure and technology to satisfy demand, ensure reliability, and guarantee efficiency of energy services. This transition will be based on four principles: equity; graduality, sovereignty, and reliability; binding social participation; and intensive knowledge.

The growth of installed solar capacity in Colombia has been remarkable in recent years. According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, by the end of the previous year, the installed capacity of photovoltaic solar energy reached 350 megawatts (MW), a significant increase compared to the 50 MW recorded in 2018. This upward trajectory is projected to continue, driven by new tenders and ongoing project development.

Colombia’s geographical location offers a unique advantage with an estimated solar potential of 4 – 5 kWh/m² per day, surpassing the global average. This untapped solar potential presents an unparalleled opportunity to develop large-scale solar energy projects and unlock its vast capacity to meet the nation’s energy needs. The government’s commitment to allocating 8.3 gigawatts of capacity for 190 clean energy projects in 2023 reflects its dedication, aiming to achieve a 100% clean energy matrix, positioning Colombia as one of the global pioneers in sustainable energy.

The prospects of solar energy in Colombia extend beyond environmental advantages, offering substantial economic benefits as well. The increase in installed solar capacity has created jobs within the renewable energy sector and attracted both domestic and foreign investments. Moreover, solar energy generation contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, aiding in climate change mitigation and fulfilling international commitments to emission reduction.

Digital Economy: A Technological Frontier

Colombia’s digital economy is undergoing a rapid transformation, fueled by a tech-savvy youth population, burgeoning tech startups, and governmental initiatives to foster digital innovation. The country acknowledges the pivotal role technology plays in boosting productivity, job creation, and overall sectoral enhancement. From fintech to e-commerce and digital agriculture to smart cities, Colombia is actively cultivating an ecosystem that nurtures technological progress. The government’s efforts to enhance internet connectivity and digital infrastructure further underscore its dedication to propelling the digital economy.

Colombia’s exceptional feature lies in the harmonious integration of its clean energy aspirations and digital dreams. This symbiotic relationship presents unparalleled prospects for investors seeking to make a substantial impact on both fronts. Clean energy technologies often depend on digital solutions for efficient operation, maintenance, and monitoring. In turn, the digital economy requires a sustainable energy supply to power data centers, devices, and networks.

By investing in Colombia, forward-thinking investors can actively contribute to the development of interconnected smart grids, clean energy-driven data centers, and inventive energy-efficient solutions.

Investing in Colombia’s transformation into a clean energy and digital economy hub holds immense potential. The country’s commitment to these paths is not only commendable from environmental and social perspectives but also economically prudent.

The impact of such investments goes beyond financial gains. Clean energy projects curb carbon emissions and foster environmental sustainability. The digital economy stimulates job growth, knowledge dissemination, and technological advancement. In synergy, these sectors enhance Colombia’s global competitiveness, contribute to socio-economic progress, and serve as an inspirational model for other nations embarking on similar transformations.

As ProColombia, the entity responsible for attracting foreign investment to the country, we take pride in being part of Colombia’s energy transformation. We will continue to work diligently to encourage the arrival of reliable and efficient clean energy solutions, thus contributing to the construction of a more sustainable future for all.

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