The present is to inform you that in Helsinki, Finland, the Helsinki Coffee Festival will be held from April 20th  to 22nd . This annual event brings together coffee producers, companies related to the industry and consumers.

In the current edition of the Coffee Festival, for the first time, a delegation of Peruvian coffee producers will be at the event presenting high quality Peruvian coffee. We would like  you to visit  Peru’s stand at the Festival, which is located at booth 11, near the main entrance of the Festival.

At the Coffee Festival, there will be  also producers, importers and / or distributors of other related goods such as tea, milk, cookies, sweets, among others. As part of the Festival, classes are also given on the preparation and selection of coffee beans.

In the following link you can find more official information about the Festival:

The Festival will be open to the public at the following times:

Saturday 21 in the morning from 10 am to 2 pm

Saturday 21 in the afternoon from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Sunday 22 in the morning from 10 am to 2 pm

Sunday 22 afternoon from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm