Trade between Finland and Ukraine has been stable with only minus 3 per cent’s drop during the first quarter of 2021, and the service sector is growing fast. Paper and packaging industries, machinery and metal works, chemical and medical sectors and consumer goods are the main categories of Finnish exports to Ukraine. Finnish companies have not been only trade oriented but also invested in production facilities in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Government has set the development of economic cooperation as the priority of the Ukrainian diplomacy. Exporters and Investors Council (EIC) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine was established in 2013 to coordinate cooperation between foreign investors and the Ukrainian Government and to assist Ukrainian companies in their activities abroad. Foreign missions aboard help both foreign and Ukrainian companies.

Large-scaled reforms are ongoing in Ukraine and provide many business opportunities and possibilities to establish closer cooperation between Finnish and Ukrainian companies. Achievements of sustainable development goals are high on the Finnish and Ukrainian agenda. Synergies in green technologies, hydrogen, ICT, and organic agriculture are important for both countries.

With population of more than 40 million inhabitants Ukraine offers a large consumer market for companies. ICT, agriculture, machinery, forestry, circular economy with tourism are the sectors Finnish companies should explore more thoroughly.

The webinar “Ukraine – Finland: exploring business opportunities in 2021”  was co-organized on the 17th June 2021 by the Embassy of Ukraine in Finland, Finland Central Eastern European Countries Business Association, Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise Europe Network, The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Finnish Business Association Ukraine,  Finnish Business Group in Ukraine, Exporters and Investors Council under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ukrainian Governmental Investment Promotion Office UkraineInvest.

Recording of the event.
The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Head of Export Support Coordination Center, Ms. Olga Shubina Finnish Business Group in Ukraine, Co-Chair Mr. Viktor Poushkarev
Video – Finland as a tourist destination
Investment Promotion Office UkraineInvest, Executive Director Mr. Sergiy Tsivkach
Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office (EEPO), Ms. Yulia Kotova
NEFCO, Head of Representative Office in Ukraine, Ms. Julia Shevchuk
IT Ukraine Association, Vice President Ms. Natalia Mitrofanova
Video – Ukraine as a tourist destination
Dunagrarian, Mr. Andrew Vlasov (Commercial Department)
UDS Systems, Mr. Roman Savran, CEO
Clear Energy Group, Serhii Savchuk, CEO
Talentbyte, Mr. Niko Porkka, Co-Founder