About the event

Team Finland is organizing a webinar on Kazakhstan for Finnish companies. The event purpose is to inform and gather Finnish companies interested in Team Finland activities such as information sharing, trade missions and problem solving in the region, as well as in the neighboring South Caucasus.

Join the webinar featuring regional experts from Team Finland and established businesses by registering below. The webinar will be held in English and is meant for Finnish companies only.


Opening words – Ambassador Ms. Soili Mäkeläinen-Buhanist, Embassy of Finland in Nur-Sultan

Relevant opportunities in the Kazakhstani market – Independent Consultant Mr. Mukhtar Mankeyev

Logistics to Kazakhstan and beyond – CEO Mr. Olli Pohjanvirta, Nurminen Logistics Oyj

Compliance considerations in the region – Senior Analyst Ms. Sinikka Parviainen, East Office of Finnish Industries

Introduction to Team Finland network in Kazakhstan and in the region

  • Deputy Head of Mission Ms. Kaisa Standish, Embassy of Finland in Nur-Sultan
  • Trade Commissioner Ms. Jania Adilbek, Business Finland
  • Honorary Consul of Kyrgyzstan in Finland Mr. Petri Numminen


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About Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has an interesting geographic location in vast and resource rich Central Asia. The country shares a border and a customs union with Russia as well as a border with rapidly growing Uzbekistan and the global growth driver China.

To tackle the economic and logistic challenges caused by its own recent turmoil in January and the Russian attack on Ukraine, the country leadership promotes sweeping politico-economic reforms and new transport routes. Moreover, among longer-term development areas are agriculture, education, digitalization and green economy, and many national and regional projects are supported by the international financial institutions.

Despite its many challenges, there are reasons not to overlook Kazakhstan, where Finland and the Nordics enjoy relatively strong country brands, especially in education and cleantech. Around 40 Finnish companies actively do business in the country with a few even having established offices. In addition, some European companies are currently considering relocating their asset ownership, sales office or even production to Kazakhstan.